D.I.C.E – Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences

2016 D.I.C.E Awards
The Order 1886 – Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design (nominated)

G.A.N.G. – The Game Audio Network Guild

2006, 4th Annual Student/Apprentice Competition
Sound Design (winner)

2016, 14th Annual G.A.N.G. Awards

The Order 1886 – Cinematic Cutscene Audio (nominated)
The Order 1886 – Dialog (nominated)
The Order 1886 – Original Instrumental (nominated)
The Order 1886 – Original Song: Choral (nominated)

NAVGTR – The National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Corp.

The Order 1886 – Editing in a Game Cinema (nominated)
The Order 1886 – Use of Sound, New IP (nominated)
The Order 1886 – Sound Effects (nominated)



“…this is pretty close to some of the sharpest and most detailed sound I have heard and It fills me with pride that a game like this has such an incredible soundtrack and detail in sound. Its not just the detail of kicking pots recreating a sound, and that sound having its own room sound but also the clarity of the sound, where Assassin’s Creed Unity had some very obvious low bit rate audio this was crystal clear and a joy to the ears.”


“I played the game from start to finish with a headset. The sound in the game is amazingly well-done; the growls of the wolves, how every gun sounds differently from the other and the top notch voice acting made this a game I wanted to listen to. The voice acting is professional, it made me feel every emotion portrayed by each character, especially when certain main character got very mad over some events, made me angry also, and that’s powerful, a game that makes you feel what their cast is feeling.

It’s not only the guns and voices, steps, doors opening, rain, in fact, no sound ever feels out of place, the team has done a superb job.”