Who Am I

Hello and welcome to my sound portfolio and blog! Here you can find examples of some of my sound projects and designs. Inside the blog section I share many personal stories behind the collection of sound resources and describe the artistic process of creating signature sound effects.

I have a strong passion to create sound effects that tell a story. It starts with an image in my head of how I picture things to sound like. I have worked as a sound designer with many years of professional experience in the field of game audio, advertisement and film. Most of my time I spend in the field and collect sounds that are emotionally appealing to me, which I eventually end up using in all my audio productions.

I discovered the art of sound at a very young stage. With a mother and grandfather both working as professional performers and musicians – musical education always was valued highly within my family. At the age of four I started to learn the piano and cello. And I did that for a while… until I was about 14 and found a different, new exciting instrument at that time. A sound I have not heard before. The electric guitar – my very first sound design tool! I spend hours playing it, but mostly engineered its mechanical parts out – finding ways to experiment with its pick-up element.

After completing civil services in 2000, I geared up for a short vacation to visit friends in Melbourne, Australia. And… I never left – at least, not for the next three years! Because I have always  been fascinated by the idea of making films, and film art in general,  I got an internship at Warner Brothers Studios in Queensland, Australia, where I learned from Vic Kaspar, supervising sound editor & sound editor (House of Flying Daggers, Kung Fu Hustle, Inspector Gadget 2). Watching him work at creating sound effects changed my life. Shortly after, I graduated with a Bachelor of Recording Arts degree (honors) from the SAE HQ college in Byron Bay, Australia. My final thesis concentrated on the emotional perception of sound in modern media, and I analyzed significant media productions that used sound in a strong context to tell a story and help build emotional audio in a scene.

Always with a passion for computer software, video games were another large influence from its first days of the Atari, Commodore C64 and the earlier 2-386 PCs. I was lucky that my father was addicted to this industry trend, which helped him run a successful business at the time. He had to have every single one of them! Sleepless nights, inspired by games like Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones, Doom and Quake got me hooked for years! Back then sound effects were nothing compared to what we know today. I felt optimistic to be a part of the movement and to contribute my very own vision of how I want to hear video games today!