I had my break into video games in 2006 and have ever since been working as an audio professional with game development studios around the globe.

- Bungie Inc. (Bellevue, WA)
- Ready At Dawn Studios (Irvine, CA)
- UTV Entertainment (Gainesville, FL)
- Machine Games AB (Uppsala, Sweden)
- IO Interactive AB (Copenhagen, Denmark)
- Dynamedion gbr (Mainz, Germany)

My expertise and specialties in the areas of audio are broad, and ranges from extensive field recording, audio direction, feature design and pipeline planing, asset management, supervision and mentoring, sound design, liniear (2.0 2.1 5.1) and interactive, field recording, dialog- foley- hard effects creation/editing, integration/scripting utilizing 3rd party and in-house game engines applications (Unreal, Galcier2, Tech5, RAD Engine, Maya, Wwise, Python).

I’ve been working professionally with Audiokinetic Wwise for a total of 7 years and consider myself an expert with the middleware.

Below is a list of projects which I have been involved in as a audio professional.

Internal Development (In-House)

2018Destiny 2 – Black Armory Bungie Inc.(audio lead, sound design & integration)
2018Destiny 2 – Forsaken Bungie Inc. (sound design & integration)
2018Destiny 2 – Warmind Bungie Inc. (sound design & integration)
2017Destiny 2 – Curse of Osiris Bungie Inc. (sound design & integration)
2016Destiny 2 Bungie Inc.(sound design & integration)
2016Lone Echo (Oculus VR) Ready At Dawn Studios (sound direction & design)
2016Deformers (PS4) Ready At Dawn Studios (sound direction & design)
2013The Order 1886 (PS4 Exclusive) Ready At Dawn Studios (sound direction & design)
2011Hitman 5 : Absolution (PS3,Xbox,PC) IO Interactive (sound design & integration)
2011Wolfenstein: The Order (PS3,PS4,Xbox,PC) ZeniMax Media Inc. (pre-production)
2009Reich (PS3,Xbox,PC) UTV Ignition Entertainment (sound design & integration)


External Development (Freelance) (partially contracted via Dynamedion Gbr)

2011Dragon Wrath (iOS) Faraway Frontiers, LLC (contract)
2011Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (PC) Tripwire Interactive (contract) for add. tank foley)
2011Battle Block Theater (Xbox Arcade) The Behemoth (contract)
2010Soeldner X: Final Prototype (PS3,PC) EastAsianSoft (contract)
2010Chick Chick Boom (Wiiware) Tons of Bits (contract)
2010Emergency 2012 (PC) Deep Silver(contract)
2010Armor Vally 2 (Xbox LIVE) Protege Productions (contract)
2010Emergency 2012 (PC) Deep Silver (contract)
2010Armor Vally 2 (Xbox LIVE) Protege Productions (contract)
2010Black Prophecy (Reakktor Media) (contract)
2010Racket Sports (PS3) Asobo Studio (Ubisoft) (contract)
2009Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island (PC) Autumn Moon Entertainment (contract)
2009Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (NDS,Wii) THQ (contract)
2009Runes of Magic: Rise of the Demon Lord (PC MMORPG) Frogster Interactive (contract)
2009MonsterSaga (PC Online RPG) Gameforge Production GmbH (contract)
2009Loss of the Pride (PC) House of Tales Entertainment (contract)
2009Warpfire (PC) Gameforge Production GmbH (contract)
2008Strong Bad (Wiiware) TellTale Games (contract)
2008Venetica (PS3,Xbox,PC) Deck 13 (contract)
2008Ogame (PC) Gameforge Production GmbH (contract)
2008Sacred 2 (PC,PS3,Xbox) Deep Silver, Ascaron (contract)
2008Englischtrainer (NDS) Kritzelkratz 3000 GmbH (contract)
2008Little Wingles (NDS) dtp Entertainment AG (contract)
2008Was ist Was? (NDS) Kritzelkratz 3000 GmbH (contract)
2008Moorhuhn – Das verbotene Schloss (PC,Wii) Phenomedia (contract)
2008Wintersports (Wii,PC,NDS) Independent Arts (RTL)
2007Soeldner X (PS3,PC) EastAsianSoft (contract)
2006The Show (PC) 80 Tons Entertainment (contract)
2005Kicker King 2006 (PC) LikeDynamite (contract)
20050.A.D (PC) Wildfire Games (contract)


Motion Picture (Freelance) (contracted via Supervising Sound Editors)

2009Lucky Fritz (contract dialogue editor) starring Corey Feldman and Julia Dietze
2009Upstairs (contract dialogue editor) starring Luke Perry
2009The Boxer (contract sound designer) Director: Thomas Jahn
2009Blüh im Glanze (contract sound designer) Kaissar Film
2008Der Seewolf (contrat dialogue editor) starring Thomas Kretschmann
2008Fleisch (contract sound editor) Director: Oliver Schmitz
2008Krym (contract sound designer) Winner at Filmnachwuchspreis Twentieth Century Fox Award
2007Die Handwerker Gottes (contract sound recordist) starring Tim Seyfi
2006 – Hagen PM (contract sound designer) starring Michael Brandner
2004Die to Live – Das Musikill (contract sound editor) starring Gordon Mitchell