Berlinal Fever!


Astonishingly fast another year has passed and the Berlinale makes its legendary rounds in the city of love – Berlin. Selected movies get screened created by the top filmmakers from around the world!  Events that could be compared to the games industry world be GDC, or other  ‘trade-shows’ like E3, to share knowledge with like-minded individuals and check out the latest in game  development, or in this case: discuss new movies! Festivals (or meet and greed events in general) serve as a great inspiration to observe cross-multicultural aesthetics in the scale for global entertainment and the many facades of story telling.

During the show the city is on fire and a lot of great events take place spread in the heart and soul of Berlin. In 12 Cinemas, international film productions are being screened, competing against each other to be awarded with the golden bear (the bear is the symbol and trademark of Berlin). The cultural thoughts and genres of films being shown varies. Personally, I just love to go to movies which I haven’t heard a word about prior to my visits. It excited me to see something totally unexpected and something untypical to my taste buds. Unlike the marketing campaign that tries to force you into buying a book similar to the one you are reading currently – I absolutely dislike that feature! ;) I usually try to go every year, whenever I happen to be in Berlin during holidays or a project based visit.

The jury’s decisions is somewhat artsy. Most films should encompass a critical viewpoint on contemporary or historical events with political, ethical or social aspects. Because film art can be a tool to change a persons opinion or serve as an eye opener to another, somewhat forgotten or even new world. As much as I love the genre of historical, drama, action or steep art house movies, the Berlinale offer a wide assortment of productions – from short to documentary. There is something for everyone!  As for sound, it is fascinated how far we’ve come but uncertain on how long this road will take us. There is improvement with each year we pass and people (I believe) have started to appreciate sound more and more to include as an element of their story writing.

To get to know the work of sound design colleges from other countries demonstrating their work, is refreshing!  For instance, the Berlinale talent campus serves a as social and educational platform but also enables people to network, catch up with old friends or meet a bunch of new folks. You’ll end up having the most interesting conversations with directors, producers, production designers and cable boys.

The Programm:

If you make it out sometimes to the festival, make sure to drop me a line. If I am in Berlin at that time, I am more then happy to meet up for the legendary Berlin traditional Currywurst! :)