Field Recording: Airplane (Part 1)

A Small Jet

On my last trip to Germany, I still remembered this street on the way to a friends home, which runs parallel along a huge landing site, close to the Munich International Airport, which operates national and international airfare. I associate this area with an interesting memory!  Once in while when I drove down this road in a car, there is a special moment whenever an airplane happens to be right above me – at the right timing. Because the street is fairly close to the landing site and right within the airplanes ‘s flightpath it can get as close as 15 meters from the ground. Its a frightening sound when being situated so close to the source, especially when sitting in the car, not expecting it to happen! A large and tight mid-frequency roar combined with  a powerful engine whine – passing by your head at its peak! Long have I wanted to stack up my library with fresh airplane sounds, but got caught up with life in the meantime (moving to America) and never really had the chance to chase it. Until finally the end of 2010 during Christmas holidays when I visited my family in Munich. Eventually I packed up my recording gear and drove out to the airport, all excited to hit REC button. My goal was to capture the various airplanes activities in a wide set of situations. Approach, overhead, landing, take-offs, shot direct, mid, side, and different positioning etc. Everything I could think of including funny and unexpected random situations.

And this is how near I could position myself on the take-off and landing site of the airport.

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