Sound Design Outtakes from The Order 1886

Over the weekend I was able to sit back, reflect and spend time to capture the variouse sound design works straight from The Order 1886 release disc. I tried to look for the most significant audio moments that there are in the game. And because there were so many (I have to say that!!), the content was split into categories, each representing their sound key area. I also recorded myself talking about how some of the sound design and its development.

Being the only in-house sound designer representing the world of audio inside Ready At Dawn Studios, means I wear many hats, dealing with multiple responsibilities. My core duties range from being an ambassador for audio among team disciplines, sound conceptualization, sound design creation, audio direction, implementation and integration, feature design and development, mentorship, linear and interactive mixing.

When I joined Ready at Dawn for The Order 1886, I was somewhat suprised, that there already existed a solid foundation of how design felt about the different pallet and sound design for firarms! I thought to myself, what a great start! That’s always the best when design follows a vision! This enabled early brainstorming and audio conceptualization for the weapon universe during the pre-productions in 2012. Apart from designing most of the gunfire, I’ve also spend a large amount in the field recording original materials to be used for ambient, interacts and footsteps heard in the game. Because of the amazing work the art team at Ready at Dawn has created to aim for a high visual representation for the game, drove inspiration on my end and greatly influenced the audio design decisions.

Worth praising is the cinematic audio production done by our awesome publisher’s sound service group and their talented audio staff at Sony San Diego, whom I’ve had the privilege working with very closely throughout the production. Their responsibilities was recording, performing and editing foley and sound effects design (surround sound) and on-site integration and scripting support. Not to mention the extraoudenary voice and music production support, provided by the Sony Santa Monica and San Mateo (music only) offices helping with casting, direction, recording (mocap, ADR and walla), editorial and supervision.

Here is a little preview:

Check out all other videos in the demo reel section:

Demo Reel – The Order 1886

Hitman: Absolution – Dynamic Audio

GIGA YouTube-Thumbnail-Maske

The long awaited stealth franchise Hitman: Absolution is out!! I am extremely proud that I have been a part of this project working together with the sound department on this highly immersive 3rd person stealth adventure. The franchise came a long way and I’ve been a fan of it since day one. Although, to be able to finally work on the game still appears to be unreal! With the fifth part of the squeal, Agent 47 has more to offer then ever. You can either be all about traditional stealth gameplay or decide to equip yourself with plenty of firearms and “gun-fight” yourself to the finish lines. Overall the game is filled with suberb gameplay mechanics, next-gen graphics, beautiful lighting and a brilliantly composed environments which make it a wonderful and fun experience.

Watch the video interview with Game Director Christian Elverdam and Audio Director Bärtschi who give insight on how they approached the world of sound for the game. They talk about the deep narrative nature the game has and how its storytelling played an important role for the dialog heard in the game.

In the video interview below, Christian also talks about the focus the team invested throughout the development process of their in-house engine Glancier2, which took the studio a total of 5 years to build emphasizing efforts in the abilities they were eager to implement on Absolution.

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