Life is a Journey…!


I feel privileged having lived in places like Melbourne, Byron Bay, Dortmund, Munich, Berlin, Gainesville, Irvine, Copenhagen, Denmark, Uppsala, Sweden … and now I am off to Bellevue, Washington. The Rojahn family is getting bigger, too. Whaaaaa? Yeah, we have another boy on the way, due November 2016. Crazy times! So, it definitely stays exciting in and around our lives in America… and we love every bit of it. Nope, we’re not Americans yet, well our kids are, but we struggle with the common H1B madness from time to time.

I’ve always loved to travel, see different places, study cultures, and most and formost meet new people! It lets me understand more about myself, as a human lend to this planet, and as an artist looking for a reason to be. I feel that every time I’ve visited a different place, my perception of things change. For the better in most cases. Your senses sharpen and you gain a full load of respect about the world in general. I’am very thankful about the many places I get to experience. But hey, of course adjusting to a new experience comes with challenges… But down the line, it is totally worth it.

Change initially hurts! Its uncomfortable. You’re breaking habits and eventually having to developing new ones. Personally, though, I think that this is what makes us better at being humans, because everything around us all of a sudden becomes new and feels like a fresh beginning. Engage in it, embrace it! It can only make you better at what you do. Being a dad, a husband or a friend – or a sound designer. My sound design skills are massivley growing because of change. Due to woking with new and exciting people sharing believes that you haven’t thought about. It invites you to-do-things-different ™!

If your comfort zone breaks – it seeks creativity! Fuel it by developing new techniques and try out things differently in your sound design. Try to flip your knowledge up-side-down! Become a apprentice again. Be naive. And be proud of it! Its like changing your track colors in Pro Tools, or Nuendo, to feel a little bit different within your daily work-routin. Its like, moving your sofa around in your living room from time to time for your home to feel like new. Thats a good thing. Even if its messing with your brain. It only exists to become manipulated! If you haven’t done this yet, try it out and … perhaps it works for you?!