Hitman: Absolution – Dynamic Audio

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The long awaited stealth franchise Hitman: Absolution is out!! I am extremely proud that I have been a part of this project working together with the sound department on this highly immersive 3rd person stealth adventure. The franchise came a long way and I’ve been a fan of it since day one. Although, to be able to finally work on the game still appears to be unreal! With the fifth part of the squeal, Agent 47 has more to offer then ever. You can either be all about traditional stealth gameplay or decide to equip yourself with plenty of firearms and “gun-fight” yourself to the finish lines. Overall the game is filled with suberb gameplay mechanics, next-gen graphics, beautiful lighting and a brilliantly composed environments which make it a wonderful and fun experience.

Watch the video interview with Game Director Christian Elverdam and Audio Director Bärtschi who give insight on how they approached the world of sound for the game. They talk about the deep narrative nature the game has and how its storytelling played an important role for the dialog heard in the game.

In the video interview below, Christian also talks about the focus the team invested throughout the development process of their in-house engine Glancier2, which took the studio a total of 5 years to build emphasizing efforts in the abilities they were eager to implement on Absolution.

Make sure to get your copy today for PC, Xbox or PS3.